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Being a leading institution in field of geosciences, the department of geology has well-established graduate programs, in addition to new and renovated programs leading to a professional postgraduate degree in geosciences. The traineeship, the experience and the know-how you'll secure and grasp at the master's or doctoral level at the Department of Geology will provide you with implements to drive change and outshine in both academia and industry. Whether you choose to teach and do research at a university or research institute, start a private enterprise, take a role in government, or boost your professional career, our postgraduate programs are ultimately structured to support you throughout a lifetime of intellectual study, opportunity and challenge

The postgraduates programs at the Department of Geology falls into two main categories. One, is a postgraduate research programs leading to Master’s and Doctoral degrees of science in geology (MSc and PhD) covering a variety of disciplines such as Petroleum Geosciences, Economic Geology, Hydrogeology, Geophysics, Petrology, Structural Geology and Engineering Geology. This graduate program involves more input from you as a student. The bulk of your program will be determined in consultation with your departmental graduate advisor and respective supervisor.

The second program as of 2017, provides two new devised postgraduate programs (courses-based) leading to a Higher Diploma in Geology Degree or a Master of Science Degree in geology. The Higher Diploma in Geology shall cover core geology subjects in order to cater for the teaching shortcomings in the General Degree courses. The duration of the Higher Diploma program is two semesters. Graduates with a Pass or higher grade B.Sc. General Degree (in which geology is the sole or major subject) are eligible to register for the Higher Diploma.

The newly devised Master of Science program is offered in four main subjects; Petroleum Geosciences, Applied Geophysics, Hydrogeology, and Economic Geology. This program is designed provide the prospective candidates with in-depth and advanced theoretical, technical and practical background in the respective discipline. The duration of the program is three semesters extending for one calendar year. To be enrolled in this program the applicant must have either a B.Sc. Honours degree or a General degree (in which Geology is the major or sole subject) with a Higher Diploma with at least Grade Good from the University of Khartoum or equivalent; OR an M. Sc. Qualifying Honours from the University of Khartoum.

For more information regarding the requirement for these postgraduate programs guidelines and regulations please refer to the website of the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies at the University Khartoum, contact our postgraduate program coordinator Prof. Abdel Halim Hassan El-Nadi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or pay us a visit at the department where we be happy to help you

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