Toxic Organisms Research Centre (TORC)

We Identify and study venomous and poisonous organisms of Sudan

Naja nubiae. Photo credit Naturalist from Sudan

The Nubian spitting cobra
Naja nubiae

The Nubian spitting cobra Naja nubiae venom is a unique one. It has both cytotoxic and neurotoxic properties.

Photo credit: Abubakr Mohamed, 2010


Leiurus quinquestriatus

To be a center specialized in studying and classifying toxic organisms in Sudan, extracting their venoms and toxins, studying them, and producing anti-venoms locally.


Naja hajie

To contribute to Sudanese citizen protection against the dangers of toxins and venoms and to promote sustainable development through scientific research and distinguished community partnership.



TORC main Objectives are:

  1. Identify and studying toxic organisms of Sudan
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Scientific Units

TORC Taxonomy and Environmental Studies Unit

Taxonomy & Environmental Studies Unit

This unit is concerned with collecting and classifying samples, studying the geographical distribution of venomous, poisonous

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Toxicogenomics and Bioinformatics Unit

Toxicogenomics & Bioinformatics Unit

This unit studies the genetic and molecular basics of venomous, poisonous and toxic organisms, the different types of venoms and toxins, and the optimal methods for producing vaccines.

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TORC Biotoxicology Unit

Biotoxicology Unit

This unit is concerned with extracting venoms and toxins from animal samples (such as scorpions and snakes) and plants (such as poisonous plants),

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Nanotoxicology & Natural Antidotes Unit

Nanotoxicology & Natural Antidotes Unit

This unit studies natural antidotes that are being used by local communities and herbalists. It is also interested in studying plants and natural compounds that repel venomous and poisonous organisms and their use in biological control.

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Outreach Unit

This is our outreach unit. We design and prepare media contents to educate the community at large on how to protect oneself from being bitten and on the first aid steps per each type of venomous or posonous organism.