Insects collection

Insects are the most abundant and numerous group of animals on earth.They constitute about 50% of the total living organisms and 72% of the animal kingdom.

Insect in the Sudan are estimated at more than 500,000 species representing different families from different orders. The available information on insect diversity is very limited. This is mainly because most of  the collection and identification expeditions have been so localized in their coverage. The oldest collection of Sudan insects (since 1906) is deposited in the National Agricultural Research Corporation-ARC.

The current SNHMK collection of insects species (546 specimen, collector: Manal Siyam) was collected in 2016 as part of the Biodiversity project funded by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Targeted areas were rich / poor savanna areas such  as: Medani, ElObeid, ElMosawarat, Khartoum; and desert areas such as: Atara, Dongola and Wadi Halfa. Most of insects collected are preserved dry in insect boxes.Some are are preserved as wet collection in 80% Ethanol. Only 82 specimens are known species. Th erest of this collection is still under scientific studies to classify them.

Identification and photography of micro species were carried out in colleboration with  Museum für Naturkunde (Berlin- Germany). Macro species were photographed in Sudan Natural History Muesum. For accurate classification, a collaboration with the National Agricultural Research Corporation-ARC was initiated.