Amphibians collection

Our heroetological collection contains over 500 specimens. Our oldest specimens date to 1948.

Most specimens are wet-preserved, but the collection also contains skeletal preparations, sets of reptile’s eggs. Other special collections include, a series of dried reptiles skins from different parts of Sudan.

The collection contains also representatives from every continent. There are some specimens representing USA and some African countries such as Eretria and some tissue from Asian countries. Taxonomically, the collection contains representatives of most Amphibian and Reptiles Order. Among Amphibians, approximately 87% of families and 53% of genera are represented. Among Reptiles, about 90% of families and 65% of genera are represented.

References collection include 13 specimens collected since 1948 from different localities, represent snakes, monitors and geckos.

The collections areregularly accessed by researchers research purposes and for teachingh.