SNHM units

In this area you can view Skulls, skeletons and fossils in the main display room; if you are interested in discovering the habitats of Sudan then visit our habitat display room where you will be introduced to terrestrial habitats including forests, mountains, poor and rich Savannah, desert and semi desert habtitats as well as aquatic habitats including marine, fresh and swamp water.

Birds collected from all over Sudan and in different times are exhibited in the Aves collection room.Amphibians and Reptiles collections are also found in the Amphibians and Reptiles collection room. And for insects lovers we have a huge collection of insects as well as other athropods (spiders, scorpions) among ourathropods  collection.For those of us interested in plants and seeds, we have the Botany collection.

For the fans of fossils and rocks we have the geological records collection (fosils, rocks, minerals).

Hope you visit us and enjoy those collections.