Postgraduate study

Students entering any graduate major or program in the department need a sound background in the biological, physical,and mathematical sciences and must be committed to research.
Many of the graduate students in the department are in interdepartmental graduate majors or interdepartmental graduate programs, such as: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Immunobiology; Genetics; Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and Parasitology.
All graduate students participate in a journal club seminar and a research seminar in their area of interest each academic year.
The group structure is flexible and specifically designed to enable and promote collaborative multidisciplinary research within the Department, the University, and both nationally and internationally. As a consequence in the last 5 years the Department has welcomed a number of international research visitors to the Department and have much collaboration with laboratories abroad. The multidisciplinary vitality and thrust is reinforced through organized research student talks, group seminars and Departmental journal club talks, many with outside speakers. Interactions are also promoted by a communal tea room, social gatherings, students' Zoology exhibitions and by an annual Departmental external examiner’s party.

A. Short Courses and Certificates: The Department offers short training courses and certificates (1-2 months) in all disciplines (mentioned below) for local, regional and international graduate students.
B. Details about the P. G Diplomas in Zoology is here.

C. Master Degree (M. Sc.):

                   1. By Research: Deatils about the M.Sc. degree by research here.

                    2. By Courses and Research: The M.Sc. degree is awarded by courses and research in the following specialization:
                       M. Sc. in Medical Entomology and Vector Control
                      This M. Sc. programme is a good example of collaboration between Zoology Department, Federal Ministry of Health and WHO.   The Degree was started in 1981   

                      and continues till now. The Degree attracted many regional and international students.

                  3. By courses: M. Sc. in Genetics and Molecular Biology

 D. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.):
The degree is awarded by research only in Zoology in the following specializations:
Animal Behaviour, Animal Systematics, Biochemistry, Biodiversity, Bioethics, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Ecology, Embryology, Entomology, Fisheries, Genetics, Marine and Freshwater Biology, Medical Entomology, Molecular Biology, Ornithology, Parasitology, Physiology and Wild Life.

Doctor of Science (D. Sc.):
The Department awards the degree of Doctor of Science (D.Sc) for holders of Ph.D. and Candidates must have been awarded their first degree not less than ten years and must have been a member or student of U of K for at least four years.