The Herbarium (KHU)

The herbarium at the Department of Botany (KHU) was established in 1945. It contains rich records for local plant species. A number of Staff members took part in the collection and preparation of specimens. Older herbarium specimens are very rare. Currently, the herbarium occupies an area of 200 m2 and it houses approximately 25000 plant specimens collected from all over Sudan and South Sudan. It also renders services to MSc and PhD students and researchers from universities, governmental and non-governmental institutions and the general public.

Our collections

 It includes fine collections of vascular plants and Pteridophytes and provide a representation of plant communities that have existed throughout modern history each year. These deposited into proper cabinets to protect the specimen against insect damages. A list of items of a particular genus or species can be prepared upon request. These items can then be loaned to professionals for their study under certain regulations. Cooperation with Kew herbarium staff gave an appreciated help in presenting the checklist of the flora of the Sudan and South Sudan. Also KHU is registered with the index of herbaria in Harvard University U.S.A. Currently digitization and imaging process is going on under the Biodiversity Management Programe (IGAD) to ensure accessibility by public and researchers from different national institutions. A plan for seed bank is under consideration for future.

Reference books and journals include:

1-Floras of (e.g. Checklist of Wild Plants of Sudan and South Sudan; Flowering plants of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan; Flora of Egypt, Ethiopia and Eritrea, Tropical East Africa, Somalia, Libya, Saudi Arabia etc.).

2-Journals/Periodicals (Kew Bulletin, J. of the Linnean Society);

3-PhD and MSc thesis.


Staff Members

Prof Maha Kordofani
Herbarium CuratorProf Maha Kordofani
Professor of Plant Taxonomy You can find more about me in my website
Dr. Hoyam Osman
Staff memberDr. Hoyam
Plant taxonomist

Affiliated researchers

ResearcherMr Mohamed Ali Mahdi
ResearcherMr Mubarak Hamad
ResearcherMs Nagla ElSheikh
ResearcherMr Mutasim Hamid
ResearcherMs Abda Eltahir