Department of Geology

Realising the importance of the geosciences in the economic development of the country, the University of Khartoum, in 1958, established the Department of Geology within the Faculty of Science.

 The department was housed temporarily in a couple of rooms in the Faculty of Arts before it finally moved to the present building in 1960. Two expatriate members of the staff were appointed in 1958 and the first undergraduate students joined the department in July, 1959 in the intermediate year. Since its establishment the department has taken the initiative to graduate qualified personnel that best serve the country in both governmental and private sectors.

Currently the Department of Geology awards BSc. degrees in geology based on ten semesters study period. As well as, two graduate research programs leading to MSc and PhD in geology encompassing variety of disciplines such as Petroleum Geosciences, Economic Geology, Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, Structural Geology, and Geophysics. Moreover, and as of 2017, the department will offer two new structured graduate programs (courses-based) leading to a Higher Diploma Degree in Geology and Master of Science in geology.

In the past two decades the department established a firm bond, agreements and collaboration with number of authorities, companies, ministries, non-profit organizations, and its counterparts both domestically and regionally. This emerges from the significant contribution of the department in many aspects of relevance such as ground-water exploration and exploitation, energy and mineral resources, and geotechnics.

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