Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology is committed to excellence in teaching and research, with undergraduate, graduate, and research programs ranging from molecular to ecosystems.

Our approach is integrative and comparative, with a focus on animal life. The Department of Zoology has special admission requirements for the General and Honours degree and other prerequisite qualifications for the various postgraduate studies. The Department awards the following Degrees:-
• The Honours Degree after 5 years of study (since 1960)
• The Master Degree (since 1961)
• The Ph.D. Degree (since 1963)
The first M. Sc. Degree awarded by U. of K. was to a Zoologist from the Zoology Department.
The Department performs multi-functions, satisfying teaching and research at both under and postgraduate levels. The Department is intensively involved in research and keeps itself as the resource institution with reputable teaching and research experiences. The yearly student population at the Department is 320 undergraduate and 42 graduate students for the year 2009 with 140 students graduating every year (B.Sc. Honours). The Department shoulders the load of teaching preliminary students of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dental colleges.