Biotoxicology Unit

This unit is concerned with extracting venoms and toxins from animal samples (such as scorpions and snakes) and plants (such as poisonous plants), as well as all kinds of other toxic organisms,

identifying them, measuring their toxicity concentration, identifying their chemical components, measuring biochemical change, and using measuring the biological effect of venoms, poisons and toxins.

The basic unit objectives are:

  • Venom milking, study of its components and characterization
  • Local production of vaccines
  • Determination of LD50 for the acute and sub-acute and chronic toxicity
  • Understand the mechanism by which the toxic substance works in addition to exploring the underlying mechanisms of toxic effects of these venoms.
  • Explore positive ways of using poisons (such as therapeutic applications of toxins).
  • Study of products that cause allergies and study of the degree of response towards them.
  • Training of qualified scientists and researchers.