Maha Ahmed Kordofani

Prof Maha Ahmed Kordofani

I am a Professor of Plant Taxonomy. Curator of Herbarium. My research focuses in Sudan plants and updating their identification and classification and adding newly identified plants, with special interest in medicinal plants ,their uses and distributions in Sudan (Ethnobotany).We use different modern Taxonomical tools i.e. chemical , molecular, cytological and palynological analysis for reclassification and identification of the recorded Sudanese species.

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My research

My research interest Study of Sudanese Flora with special interest in medicinal plants, their identification, uses and distribution in Sudan.

I am involved in the Flora of the Sudanproject

I am amember of the following associations and organizations:

1.Sudanese Horticulture Association, Sudan.
2.Sudanese Environment Conservation Society,(SECS),Sudan.
3.British Pteridophytes Association,(BPA) UK.
4. Systematics Association, Uk.
5.Fellow Linnean Society of London,UK.
6. Society of Herbarium Curators,(SHC), USA.