Dr Insaf Sanhouri Babiker

Dr. Babiker is a Khartoum University graduate and an associate professor of Geology specialized in remote sensing and GIS, has obtained M.Sc. from ITC, the Netherlands and Ph.D. form Nagoya University, Japan, published over 25 scientific papers mostly in ISI/Scopus indexed journals, participated in several conferences and meetiىgs in Japan, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Hungary, Ethiopia and China. A reviewer of several reputable regional and international scientific journals. Has been a member of local and regional consultancy teams working with private sectors, government or UN agencies dealing mainly with environmental impact assessment, resource management and mineral exploration.

Her research interest include:

  1. Mineral Prospecting and Exploration using Remote Sensing.
  2. GIS applications in geosciences Hydrogeology.
  3. Climate change impacts on natural resources (Water and vegetation).
  4. Environmental impact assessment.

List of my publications:

  • Babiker, Insaf Sanhouri, Mohamed MAA., Terao H., Kato K., Ohta, K. Assessment of groundwater contamination by nitrate leaching from intensive vegetable cultivation using geographical information system. Environment International, 2004, 19/8: 1009 - 1017.
  • Babiker, Insaf Sanhouri, Mohamed MAA., Kato K., Hiyama T. A GIS-based DRASTIC model for assessing aquifer vulnerability in Kakamigahara Heights, Gifu Prefecture, central Japan. The Science of the Total Environment 2005, 345, 127 - 140.
  • Babiker, Insaf Sanhouri, Mohammed MAA., Hiyama T., Integration of aquifer vulnerability and groundwater for assessing pollution risk and sustainability of water quality. Proceedings of Japanese Association of Hydrological Sciences (L2128A) 2006, 21, 9-12.
  • Babiker, Insaf Sanhouri, Mohamed M.A.A. and Hiyama T., Assessment of groundwater quality using GIS: the case of Nasuno basin, Tochigi, Japan. Water Resources Management, 2007, 21: 699-715 (impact factor 2.201).
  • Hiyama T., Babiker I. S. and Mohamed A. A. M. Evaluation of groundwater vulnerability and sustainability using GIS "chapter 7" in Taniguchi M. and Hiyama T. (eds). Groundwater as a key for adaptation in changing climate and society. Springer, 2014, 145pp.
  • Insaf S. Babiker, Mohamed A.A. Mohamed, Tetsuya Hiyama, Keiichi Ikeda, N. Kobayashi, Kikou. Investigating response of global vegetation to ENSO events between 1987 and 1997 using NDVI data. International Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Protection, 2015; 2(5), 76-83 Published online September 29, 2015 (http://www.openscienceonline.com/journal/ijemp)
  • Babiker I.S., Elsayed Zeinelabdein K.A. and El Nadi A.H. Geological mapping and gold Prospecting of Wadi Umm Beckol-Wadi Akasha area, northern Sudan based on remote sensing, American Journal of Earth Sciences 2015; 2(6), 171-178 Published online October 24, 2015 (http://www.openscienceonline.com/journal/ajes)
  • Insaf S. Babiker, Mohamed Abugaib A. Mohamed. Geology, Geomorphology and Hydrogeology of El Ga`ab Depression West of the Nile, North Sudan and their Implications to Early Population Settlements in the Area. Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal; 2017:VII (Special Issue), 1-11.
  • Insaf S Babiker, Mohamed Abugaib A Mohamed, Use of NRCS-curve number method for peak discharge estimation in Sharqu ElNeil locality, Khartoum, Sudan. Arabian Journal of Geosciences 2019; 12(17), 1-12.
  • Khalid A Elsayed Zeinelabdein, Abdel Halim H El-Nadi, Insaf S Babiker, Prospecting for gold mineralization with the use of remote sensing and GIS technology in North Kordofan State, central Sudan. Scientific African 2020; 10, e00627.